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God of the sea--Poseidon,Geekvape P Sub Ohm Tank

Recently,a brand-new shockproof metallic tank hits the vaping market as an upgraded version based on Zeus Tank, launched by Geekvape. That is Geekvape P Sub Ohm TankInspired by God of the sea——Poseidon,it is bound to be earthshaking.

But...Why say that? What relationship between Geekvape P Sub Ohm Tank and Poseidon.

It is contributing of its industry-leading leakproof middle airflow,and there are three airflow control altogether in innovative way. Geekvape P Sub Ohm Tank also features 26mm diameter and double liquid storage chambers with easy top-fill design. More than that,with precision machining technology and sandblasting craft,6 colors for you to choose from.

Compatibled with all Geekvape Z Series Coil, Geekvape P Sub Ohm Tank Atomizer assures the purity of the e-liquid and allows every puff as fresh as the last.

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