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What Makes the Aspire Zelos 50W Mod So Exciting

If you are looking for a vape mod that will give you a unique experience, I think today's article will help you. Today I would like to introduce Zelos 50W Mod from Aspire. So what's special about it? Let's take a look.

 How is the performance of Zelos 50W mod?

The Zelos 50W mod is an ergonomically designed product, so there is no doubt that it will give you an extraordinary feel. And it offers three different colors for you to choose, I think any one can bring out your temperament. Zelos's size is very small, so it also gives you better portability. So the most important thing is that in such a compact volume, it even comes with a large capacity Lipo battery of 2500mah. With this battery, it can reach a maximum output of 50W. Not only that, it also comes with two adjustment buttons that allow you to freely adjust the voltage and output. 
In addition, these two adjustment buttons have many functions. The specific operation can be seen in the user manual. Zelos 50W mod also comes with a display, although the area is small, but important information you can see. What I have to say is that it also supports VV, VW, Bypass and TC modes to switch freely to meet your different vaping requirements. Yes, Zelos also supports USB charging, allowing you to have a quick charging experience.

So will such a versatile Aspire Zelos 50W make you excited?

Aspire K4 Kit Would Be A Good Choice If You Want To Try Vaping

If a friend who wants to try vaping asks me how to choose a device, no doubt I think I will recommend it to him for a pen style starter kit. Then it is the K4 Quick Start Kit from Aspire.

How is the performance of K4 Kit

For consumers who want to try vaping, the biggest concern is the fear that they are not used to vaping. So the best way to deal with this problem is to start with pen style's vape kit. First of all, K4 is similar to traditional cigarettes in terms of styling, so it will not feel uncomfortable when used. And it's really small, so you can take it anywhere you want. Compared to before, you need to get a box of cigarettes, but now you only need to take a pen. K4 kit consists of K4 battery and K4 Tank. The overall design is very small. The Aspire also offers two different colors, you can choose your own favorite one.

 The K4 battery is powered by a 2000mah built-in battery, which protects you for long periods of vaping. Of course, it comes with a USB charging interface that makes charging easier. It is equipped with a 510 thread interface, which means it supports replacing 510 thread Tank.
K4 Tank has 3.5ml of smoke oil storage space, allowing you to reduce the number of times to add smoke oil. Most importantly, with Cleito Coils, it will give you an extraordinary direct to lung experience.

I think the Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit will be a good choice for you who want to try vaping. What do you think?