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Now, e-cigarettes are no longer limited to the common e-juice or nicotine vaping experience, we will get more. The e-cigarette industry has now launched a Vaporizer specifically designed for Wax vaping. The new vaping method frees the traditional Wax vaping for a more comfortable and convenient experience. If you also want to change your way, then you can try DAZZVAPE Acus Pen Vaporizer.

What is DAZZVAPE Acus Pen Vaporizer?

The DAZZVAPE Acus is a Pen Style Vaporizer. It is only 138mm long but has a 380mAh battery capacity. Pen Style makes us carry it better, whether it's on our hand or in our pocket.

Equipped with vapor tip atomizer and replaceable quartz crystal atomizer, it supports vaping from the bottom or Top. With a chamber at the top, it can support placing the wax inside and then use it like a cigarette.

Alternatively, we can use the old way and use it from the bottom. Anyone way you can choose. The 1.2-ohm coil and 15s Preheat Function enhance the heating experience and provide a comfortable feel.

Dazzvape Acus Wax Pen 350mah Includes

✔ 1 x DAZZVAPE Acus Vaporizer
✔ 1 x Ceramic Dip Atomizer
✔ 1 x Steel Dab Atomizer
✔ 1 x USB Cable
✔ 1 x Manual
✔ 1 x Cleaner

Compared to other products of the same ability on the market, DAZZVAPE Acus Pen not only has excellent atomization performance but also is light and portable. Ultimately, it has strong concealment. So what do you like?

If you want to have it, you can buy it now at Cloumix online shop. come on

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