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Clearance! Innokin Gladius X Tank 3.5ml

The best choice for novice and MTL VAPING enthusiasts, Innokin Gladius X Tank

Innokin Gladius X Tank is a Pre-made Tank from Innokin. It has a large capacity of 3.5ml and a convenient bottom airflow control system, which allows us to control the desired vaping effect.

The 2.1-ohm coil allows the e-juice to be fully heated, resulting in a pure taste and a satisfactory vapor production. The 510 connector supports more vape mods on the market. In addition, Innokin has prepared a shrinking Drip tip for us to get better compression of the vapor, bringing us a more comfortable MTL (Mouth to Lung) Vaping experience. It is a good choice for vape beginners, just like MTL vaping enthusiasts.

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Innokin Gladius-X Clearomizer Includes

✔ 1 x Innokin Gladius X Atomizer
✔ 1 x 2.1ohm Coil
✔ 1 x Crystal Acrylic Box

Clearance! Innokin Gladius Dual Atomizer -Cloumix Vape Shop

Innokin is a well-known e-cigarette brand, and its products are well received by everyone because of its excellent vaping performance. So what I want to share with you today is an Innokin vape tank, Gladius Dual Atomizer.

How about Gladius Dual Atomizer

This device supports storage of 1.6ml capacity, let us freely add the favorite e-juice. Use food grade stainless steel to avoid unhealthy tastes and chemicals. With a transparent glass tube, we can easily understand the remaining capacity.

Equipped with two different coils, one is a 1.5-ohm coil and the other is a 2.1-ohm coil. Both coils ensure that we get an ultimate taste and a satisfactory vapor production. I would especially recommend vapers that like MTL Vaping, as well as friends who want to find alternatives to economic tobacco. Through the bottom airflow control system, it allows you to control the desired vapor temperature, vapor production and taste, and more. awesome. Is it what you want?

Itaste gladius atomizer Includes

✔ 1 x Innokin Gladius Adjustable Airflow Dual Coil Clearomizer
✔ 3 x New Replaceable Bottom Dual Coils

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Clearance! Innokin Disrupter Mod 2000mAh

Disrupter Mod is a Battery Mod from Innokin. This device is different from our usual vape mod. It consists of a Disrupter Controller and InnokinCell Curve C50 2000mAh battery. Yes, this means that we are free to pair with our vape mod for a personalized vaping experience.

How about the Disrupter Mod 2000mAh

Powered by a 2000mAh battery, it has a maximum output of 50W and supports charging via the USB interface. The large-capacity battery not only meets our full-day vaping needs but also delivers strong output. 510 connector allows us to use our favorite Vape Tank, whether it is RBAs or Pre-Made Tank.

Of course, it is also equipped with the OLED display, Automatic short circuit shut off function, Battery cell capacity indicator, and other functions to bring a comfortable vaping Experience. Disrupter Mod will be a great choice for beginners, as well as advanced vapers.

Innokin Disrupter Box Mod Includes

✔ 1*Innokin Disrupter Mod
✔ 1*InnoCell 2000mAh replaceable battery
✔ 1*Micro USB charger cable
✔ 1*User manual

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Clearance! Innokin itaste 134MX-Z Mod

For any vape enthusiast who likes massive vapor, RDA and mechanical mod are the most indispensable equipment. If you are a vaper who wants to try huge vapor or pursue a more impact vaping experience, then don't miss today's mechanical mod, which is the itaste 134MX-Z Mod from Innokin.

How about Innokin itaste 134MX-Z Mod

The itaste 134MX-Z Mod is a very special mechanical mod with a twelve-constellation pattern. We can preset the pattern of one of the constellations on this device as a switch to turn on the device, which is really sci-fi. You will have a feeling of magic unlocking.

When we rotate to the specified pattern, the device is ready to go. It is powered by a 18650 battery and is equipped with a silver-plated firing pin for the most powerful output. With the 510 connector, the itaste 134MX-Z Mod is compatible with most vape atomizers on the market. We don't need to make any adjustments, no extra embellishment, Innokin itaste 134MX-Z Mod will bring the purest output. Are you ready for this original "Power Monster"?

Innokin Itaste 134 MX-Z Zodiac Mechanical Mod Includes

✔ 1 x iTaste 134 MX-Z
✔ 1 x Small screw
✔ 1 x Spring
✔ 2 x Ball Bearings
✔ 1 x Plastic wheel
✔ 1 x Screwdriver
✔ 1 x Manual
✔ 1 x Metal box

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Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank TPD Edition Includes? What Will You Get from It

Aspire has always been a popular e-cigarette brand with the great user experience. So for Aspire, its fame is its Nautilus Tank. So now that we have arrived at Nautilus 2 Tank, what new things will Aspire bring? let us see

What will you get from Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank TPD Edition

The Nautilus 2 Tank TPD Edition can store 2ml e-juice, which is TPD compliant and means that European fans can also buy it. Equipped with a convenient top filling system, you can add e-juice directly without removing the atomizer.

Of course, as an MTL Vape, the most important thing is the airflow control system and Drip tip! The improved bottom airflow control system only needs to rotate the airflow ring to easily control the vaping effect we want. Equipped with two different coils, we can get both MTL Vaping and massive vapor. If you like this product too, let's take a look at What’s in the Nautilus 2 Tank TPD Edition Package:

1 x Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank TPD Edition (Pre-installed a 0.7ohm coil)

1 x Extra Coil (1.8ohm)

1 x Extra Glass Tube

8 x Orings

1 x User Manual (please read the instructions carefully before use to ensure a better experience)

1 x Warning Card

1 x Extra Drip Tip

Clearance! Horizon Arctic V8 Mini Tank

The Arctic V8 Mini Tank is a Vape Tank from Horizon. It has a 22mm diameter and supports the storage of 3ml e-juice. It is equipped with the familiar Top-filling sysmtem and bottom airflow control system. Now, you can easily add e-juice by simply removing the top cup. Through the bottom airflow control system, we are free to control the desired vapor production, temperature and more.

How about Arctic V8 Mini Tank

The Arctic V8 Mini allows us to replace three different coil systems: hive coil, tiger coil, and snake coil. This means that we are free to choose the vaping effect and vaping method we want. No longer limited to a single feeling.

Of course, the package comes with a Tiger Kanthal Wire 0.3 ohm coil head and a Hive Kanthal Wire 0.35 ohm coil head. It doesn't require us to prepare any high-level vape mod, any vape mod with 510 connector will run it well. It's very easy to get the ultimate taste and huge clouds.

HorizonTech's Arctic V8 Mini Includes

✔ 1 x Horizon Arctic V8 Mini Yam Tank
✔ 1 x Tiger Kanthal Wire 0.3 ohm coil head
✔ 1 x Hive Kanthal Wire 0.35 ohm coil head
✔ 1 x Replacement glass
✔ 1 x Set of spare O-rings

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Clearance! Horizon Arctic Turbo Tank 4.5ml

Super vapor production machine, Horizon Arctic Turbo

The Arctic Turbo Tank is a SuB-ohm Tank from Horizon. It has a 4.5ml e-juice capacity and is equipped with three independent chambers. It supports three independent coils working at the same time and can handle up to 120W output.

Three 0.6 ohm coils work simultaneously and are equipped with a top turbo cooling system that provides huge vapor while ensuring an ultra-comfortable taste. It comes with our familiar Top filling system and 4 airflow air slots, which brings a more convenient handling experience.

The slim drip tip not only allows the vapor to be better compressed but also fits our lips better. Most importantly, Horizon also presented three replacement coils. awesome! If you like DL Vaping too, don't miss this super vapor production machine.

Arctic Turbo Sub-Ohm Tank Includes

1 x Arctic Turbo Sub-Ohm Tank 4.5ml
1 x Replacement Glass tube
2 x Coil Stoppers
3 x Pre-Installed Coil Heads - 0.6ohm
3 x Replacement Coil Heads - 0.6ohm
Spare O-Rings
Instruction Manual

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2019 Chinese New Year Holiday Notice! Cloumix Vape Shop

Dear friends,

The Chinese New Year in 2019 is coming. Will you join us? Every Spring Festival is the most important reunion festival for every Chinese family. We will share with the family the sadness, happiness, success, and fun of the past year. Of course, we will spend a meal with our family at a table to welcome the moment when Lunar New Year’s Day arrives. The most important thing is that on the first day of the new year, the children will come to your home to send you a New Year greeting. Of course, we will use the red envelope as a gift and hope that the children can grow up happily.

So now, we need to tell you in advance, our Spring Festival holiday time, so that you can better shop:

Holiday: February 4th - 10th 2019

During this time will be the holiday time of Cloumix. Then it will not be shipped between January 30th and February 11th. Please make your shopping plan in advance. Thank you for your understanding and wish you a happy Chinese year.

Kanger Surf Battery 300mAh In Stock!

Kanger's latest pod kit, Kanger Surf Pod

Kanger launched its latest vape, the Kanger Surf Pod. The device has a 300mAh battery and offers 4 optional flavors. For those who try vaping for the first time, the Surf Pod Kit brings a more convenient experience. We don't need to buy an e-juice to use it. Each cartridge has a 1.2-ohm coil and supports 130puff.

Equipped with no-button design, only inhale directly. Everything is as simple as that. Support for charging via USB interface, connecting to a computer or wall charging is quite convenient.

Buy Surf Battery separately, freer to match

Now, we don't need to buy the Kanger Surf Pod Kit, we can buy the Kanger Surf Pod Battery separately. This means that we are free to pick the Pod Cartridges we want. There are no restrictions, no fixed, we have more collocations. Not only that, but we can save a lot of money. What do you think?

If you like Kanger Surf, you can buy it now at Cloumix online shop. For more discounts, please visit Cloumix.com directly

Why is the Kanger Surf the Best Choice for Vape Beginner?

The best choice for Vape Beginner, Kanger Surf Kit

Many of my friends wondered how to choose their first Vape. Yes, the first object at the beginning is always difficult to decide. So what I want to share with you today is a Pod Kit designed for Beginner, especially if someone wants to find an economical tobacco substitute. Ok, it's the Surf Pod Kit from Kanger.

How about Kanger Surf Pod Kit?

This is a vape powered by a 300mAh internal battery. It offers us four optional flavors: Nutty Tobacco, Mint, Classic Tobacco and Grape. With the "Closed System" Cartridge for a more convenient experience, we don't need to purchase an e-juice to use it.

Kanger will offer you a choice of 1.2ml Pre-Fill Pod with a 1.6-ohm coil for a comfortable MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping experience. Each Pod Cartridge supports 130puffs to meet our long-term vaping needs. With it, you can vaping anywhere at any time. Four optional colors: Dark Red, Light Black, Wood Texture, and Lividus Blue.

Surf Kit 300mAh Vape Pod Starter Kit Includes

1 x Kanger Surf Kit 300mAh 1.2ml
1 x QC USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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Clearance! Youde UD Starling Starter Kit - Cloumix Vape Shop

The best choice for Vape Beginner, Youde Starling Starter Kit

The UD Starling Starter Kit is a classic Pen Style Kit. It comes with a built-in 1500mAh battery for maximum output of 25W. The 22mm diameter allows us to carry it very well. For the first time to try vape friends, Youde Starling gives us a simpler control experience.

Equipped with Youde's innovative chips, we don't need to make any settings to get the best vaping experience. The Starling Kit automatically acquires the atomizer coil and provides the best atomization solution. Youde has prepared a 0.5-ohm coil for us to have a more impactful DL Vaping experience, a 1.8-ohm coil for the MTL Vaping experience. It not only ensures that we get a pure taste but also allows us to try massive vapor. Bringing us the ultimate taste while bringing us more fun.

Youde UD Starling Kit Includes

✔ 1 x Youde UD Starling Kit (0.5ohm pre-installed)
✔ 1 x Replacement Coil head-1.8ohm
✔ 1 x Replacement Glass Tube
✔ 1 x Silicone Ring
✔ 1 x USB Cable
✔ 1 x User Manual

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Dovpo Launches the Squonk Mod - Topside Dual Squonk 200W Box Mod

Dovpo New Squonk Mod, Topside Dual Squonk Mod

Recently, Dovpo has launched a new product, the Topside Dual Squonk Mod. This device has the same design style as the previous Topside Single Squonk Mod, with an alloyed and ergonomic design for a better grip and visual enjoyment. So, what will happen with the launch of the Topside Dual Squonk 200 Mod?

How about Topside Dual Mod

The Topside Dual Mod powered by dual 18650 battery has a maximum output of 200W. It not only provides a more powerful output but also extends vaping time. Continued Topside Single Squonk Mod's 10ml e-juice bottle for a more enjoyable RDA Vaping.
Equipped with Dovpo's innovative Top-filling system, you can add e-juice directly without removing the bottle. It supports the use of 0.08 ohm-3.0 ohm coil, whether it is DL Vaping or MTL Vaping it can meet our needs. With a 0.96inch display, you can know the parameter information and battery life at a glance. Everything is as simple as that. If you also like RDA Vaping, don't miss it.

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2019 Spring Coil Desk RDA - Tigertek Springer X Atomizer

Cost-Effective RDA, Tigertek Springer X

Hey, I am pleased to meet you again. The electronic cigarette industry has been continuously innovating, and we have received more and more cost-effective vape. So what I want to share with you today is an innovative device, Springer X RDA from Tigertek. This device uses a spring coil desk for more natural wire replacement. Let me tell you more details.

How about Springer X RDA?

The Springer X is a rebuildable Dripping Atomizer with a 24mm diameter. It supports the installation of both single and dual coils. We can use it according to our own needs. Equipped with two progressive airflow control systems, you can easily control the desired vaping effect by simply rotating the airflow ring. Whether it is vapor temperature or vapor production, you can effectively manage it. The 17mm drip tip shortens the process, which is why we get more vapor in a flash. Of course, equipped with Golden plated posts, two Pre-built coils, high-quality Japanese Cotton, Springer X RDA will bring a more enjoyable vaping experience.

If you want to have it, you can buy it now at Cloumix online shop. For more discounts, please visit Cloumix.com

The Best Gift for Lover - VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod - Valentine's Day 2019

Best Valentine's Day gift, VOOPOO Drag Mini

Hey, Valentine's Day in 2019 is coming, are you ready to give a gift to your lover? If you are still thinking about what to give to her/him? Or I can give you an excellent suggestion. Yes, I believe VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod is your best choice. Let me tell you why?

Why choose VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod?

The Drag Mini Mod is a powerful pocket vape mod. Powered by a 4400mAh battery and reaches a maximum output of 117W. It is even more powerful than the 18650 battery or the 21700 devices but has a Tiny Size. It is only 81.5mm in height, 48.5mm in width and 25.5mm in depth. We can easily take it to wherever we want to go.

With the innovative GENE.FIT chip, three optional Fit Modes are available. We can switch between Battery Set, Flavor Set, and Cloud Set. It also protects the tank and extends battery life. Smarter, more comfortable vaping experience

The most important is. Now you will have eight optional colors. Anyone, your lover will love it! I think your lover will love you more because you sent her/him a Drag Mini Mod. Who would reject such a refined, cost-effective vape?

Now we can buy it at the Cloumix online shop. For more surprises and discounts, please visit Cloumix.com

DOVPO Topside 90W Squonk Mod Preview - Cloumix Vape 2019

The world's first Top-filling Squonk Mod, DOVPO Topside 90W

We finally waited for the Top-filling Squonk Mod. Yes, it is the Topside 90W Mod from DOVPO. This device is made of Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, and Stainless Steel. Luxurious design and a stronger structure. DOVPO Topside allows us to use a single 18650/20700/21700 battery and get a maximum output of 90W. A squonk bottle with up to 10ml capacity inside it brings a better RDA Vaping experience.

Easy-to-Refill, Topside 90W Squonk Mod

As I said before, this is a device that supports Top-filling. Now we can add e-juice without removing the e-juice bottle. Yes, it is as simple as you think. It feels like you carry a large bottle of e-juice with you and have a more convenient experience. Support multiple output modes, and we are free to choose the vaping effect we want.

Topside Mod Details

Size: 92*54*27 (mm)
Material: Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Stell
Battery: Single 21700 (not included)
Eliquid Capacity: 10ml
Output Power: 5W ~ 90W
Output Voltage: 1.0v ~ 8.5v
Input Voltage Range: 3.2v ~ 4.2v
Resistance Range: 0.08ohm ~ 3.5ohm
Working Mod: Variable Wattage & Bypass, TC Mod
Loading Interface: 510
Display Screen: 0.96" OLED

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