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Cloumix Vape Online Store Has Been Officially Authorized By GTRS

GTRS is a creative e-cigarette brand whose products have also won the German's Red Dot Design Awards. GTRS is committed to providing high performance, high quality, awesome design, cost-effective products and perfect after-sales service to consumers.

Now that Cloumix has been officially authorized by GTRS, you can purchase authentic electronic cigarettes from GTRS on Cloumix Vape Online Store. We guarantee that the products we sell are all from GTRS products, and there is no falsehood. You can also verify the authorization information through the link below the article. Thank you

Cloumix vape online store: https://www.cloumix.com/

Check the authenticity of the Cloumix here:

Al85 Kit As A Mini Version of Alien Kit, Then How Does It Perform?

SMOK's products have been receiving much attention recently. Then, taking advantage of this opportunity, I decided to share with you an Al85 Kit from SMOK.

If you are a vaper who is familiar with SMOK products, do you think of Alien Kit when you see the Al85 Kit? In fact, it is a mini version of the Alien Kit. It has a similar design to the Alien Kit, but a bit different is that the Al85 Kit's battery cover has a lid design that looks more lively. In terms of size, the Al85 Kit is really mini, its size is 48mm*27, mm*71mm, so it has better portability. In fact, especially for the male vaper, it can even be held directly in the palm of your hand because it is really too small.

What about its performance in such a small volume? Although Al85 Kit is powered by a single 18650 battery, it can achieve a maximum output power of 85W. The Al85 Kit has a display so we can see the parameter information and battery status intuitively. Although small in size, it supports VW/TC/MEMORY MODE switching, which is really great. TFV8 Baby tank is a vape tank that everyone is familiar with. It is a cloud beast. So it will not disappoint us in vapor performance. It also supports the replacement of TFV8 series coils, allowing me to freely change the free vaping effect. A smaller and stronger Al85 mod and a cloud beast tank, believe me, it won't disappoint you.

What do you think of the Al85 Kit?

Tips to Help Avoid "Vape" Battery Explosions

You may have heard that e-cigarettes, or "vapes," can explode and seriously injure people. Although they appear rare, these explosions are dangerous. The exact causes of such incidents are not yet clear, but some evidence suggests that battery-related issues may lead to vape explosions. The safety tips below may help you avoid a vape battery explosion. Please report a vape explosion or any other unexpected health or safety issue with a vape to the FDA.

What Else Can I Do?

Until all vapes and vape batteries conform to strong and consistent safety standards, your best protection against vape battery explosions may be knowing as much as possible about your device and how to properly handle and charge its batteries.

 Make sure you read and understand the manufacturer's recommendations for use and care of your device. If your vape did not come with instructions or you have further questions, contact the manufacturer.

 Don't remove or disable safety features—like fire button locks or vent holes—that are designed to prevent battery overheating and explosions.

Only use batteries recommended for your device. Don't mix different brands of batteries, use batteries with different charge levels, or use old and new batteries together.

Charge your vape on a clean, flat surface, away from anything that can easily catch fire and someplace you can clearly see it—not a couch or pillow where it is more prone to overheat or get turned on accidentally.

Protect your vape from extreme temperatures by not leaving it in direct sunlight or in your car on a freezing cold night.

This article from: https://www.fda.gov/TobaccoProducts/Labeling/ProductsIngredientsComponents/ucm539362.htm#black

Quad Cell Beast! SMOK GX350 Kit

If you're vaper who hates constantly recharging your mod every day, the SMOK GX350 has got a treat for you. The GX350 is powered by 4 x 18650 batteries which are set to last your days. It supports 350W output coupled with the bundled TFV8 Tank that can cover exceedingly much every vaping demands possible.

People always thought that powerful kit should match with large size, SMOK GX350 Kit will say no to that, which not only has super power but owns compact size. The Micro USB charging port also supports upgrading the firmware. Now, let's take a closer look at the SMOK GX350 Kit.

Featuring the curved streamline and aircraft appearance, the GX350 look great and it feels to hold as well. With the UP and DOWN buttons, it is easy to operate. A clear and easy to read OLED screen is located on the top along with the mod presenting all key pieces of information, such as output wattage, output voltage, atomizer resistance and remaining battery life, etc.

TFV8 Tank has two bigger adjustable air slots on the bottom, bringing you an extremely flavorful could. The V8-T8 and V8-Q4 coils are included the package. The pre-installed V8-T8 octuple coil is a great choice for flavor chasers, which has a 0.15ohm resistance, providing you deep and rich cloud taste.

Powered by four 18650 batteries, the wattage can be adjusted from 6W to 350W. Aside from variable wattage mode, the temperature control is also a pretty popular addition.

Easy to use
The GX350 has a compact size which is smaller than other mods powered by 3x 18650 batteries, and the tridimensional polygon design has shorted the perimeter to 155mm. The TFV8 tank holds to a massive 5.5ml (with V8-T8)/6ml (with V8-Q4) of e-liquid for a long time vaping. Speaking of refills, just like most of other SMOK tanks, the TFV8 adopts the same top refill system making filling as easy as it gets, even when on the go.

If you are looking for a powerful yet compact vape kit, the SMOK GX350 Kit has a strong recommendation, just get it from ClouMix Vape Online Store.

Why Is the Endura T22 Kit Suitable For Elegant And Calm Vapers?

I believe that many vapers who like high power like the vape kit that looks cool because it not only attracts more people's attention but also makes them look cool. But in fact there is also a group of people who have been fond of some elegant and calm vape kits. So today I will share a starter kit that I like very much. It is the Endura T22 Kit from Innokin.

How about the Endura T22 Kit?

Endura T22 Kit is really a very simple vape kit, it does not have an exaggerated design, so it looks very calm. In fact, the Endura T22 Kit is very small, so you can put it in your pocket. Innokin offers three different colors to choose from. I think any one of you will like it because it is so beautiful. The Endura T22 Kit is powered by a 2000mAh battery, so it can support your long vaping. It has only one fire button, so it's really easy to use. Of course, it also supports USB interface charging, so you do not need to worry about the battery problem.

The Endura T22 Vape tank has 4.5ml of e-liquid storage space, so it can well meet our daily vaping requirements. In addition, it is equipped with a top filling system we are familiar with, so that adding e-liquid is no longer an annoyance. It comes with a 1.5 Ohm coil head, so you don't have to worry about it, it will give you an awesome vaping experience. I think you must have discovered that it is a narrow cigarette holder, so the vapor will be compressed very well, then it will give you a better taste.

Yes, so does this personality starter kit you like? If you want to buy, I recommend that you buy it from Vape online store

Why Does Everyone See Blade Kit Think Of Van Gogh?

GeekVape recently introduced a new vape kit, a vape kit that can be compatible with more types of batteries. Will this Kit surprise us like previous products? I think it's time to introduce this product, it comes from
GeekVape's Blade Kit.

What reminds me of Van Gogh

For the friend who first saw this machine, the most impressive one is starry night, because it really reminds us of van Gogh's famous starry night. , I think you should now know how beautiful it is. Blade Kit consists of blade mod and Aero tank. Geek Vape offers 3 different colors to choose from, including starry night, crystal sand and matte black, I think any one will make you like it. The blade mod can be powered by two 21700/20700/18650 batteries and achieve an incredible maximum output of 235W. It must be mentioned that the blade mod is made of aircraft grade material, so it weighs only 112g without a battery. There is a display in front of the mod so that you can see the output information and battery status intuitively. Of course, it comes with a large area of fire button, you can easily complete the control. In addition, the feedback speed of the two adjustment buttons is also very fast, which I really like.

Aero tank has 4ml of e-liquid storage space, so it can meet our daily needs very well. It is equipped with a super convenient top filing system, making adding e-liquid a pleasant thing. In addition, it also has a bottom airflow control system, so that we can freely control the vaping effect we want. Of course, you don't need to worry, it comes with a 0.15 ohm coil head, giving you a more extreme vaping experience.

Well, this unique and lightweight vape kit would you like to try?

How Eleaf TESSERA with ELLO TS Performs

If you're looking for a high performance vape kit, Eleaf TESSERA with ELLO TS may be just the thing you've been searching for. It supports 150W maximum output power, and it also has a 1.45 inch TFT color display and an all-new UI system. Now, let's take a look at how the vape kit performs.

Manufacturing Quality
The manufacturing quality of the entire kit is outstanding, but the first thing anyone is going to notice about the Eleaf TESSERA is TFT color screen. The large and bright 1.45 inch TFT color screen can display all essential information clearly, and the display is clear even under sunshine.

If you're familiar with other Eleaf products, you may be interested to know the UI is completely redesigned for the TFT screen. With the all-new easy-to-go firmware and optional theme colors, it is easier to read and operate. Applied the Real time clock (RTC), you can visit the time and the data in both power-on and power-off states.

Besides the two features I've just mentioned, there are a bunch of other satisfactory features. It is powered by an internal 3400mAh battery and has 150W maximum output power. The USB port is designed for charging and upgrading the firmware. With 2A max charging current, the mod can be fully recharged quickly and efficiently. It provides dual circuit protection for protecting software and hardware. The TESSERA also has temperature protection system.

If you're familiar with ELLO series tanks, the important things worth knowing are that they're well made, they have convenient retractable top fill system, and they can be detached and reassembled. The ELLO TS also has these features.

Flavor Quality
There are two coils included in the package. The pre-installed coil is HW2 Dual-Cylinder, which has a 0.3ohm resistance. The other is HW1 Single-Cylinder, which has a 0.2ohm resistance. This tank also is compatible with other HW coils. If you really want to have a better vaping experience with intense flavor and cloud, the HW1 Single-Cylinder is the one you'll want to try out.

Long story short, TESSERA with ELLO TS is a high performance vape kit, and you can grab one directly from ClouMix Vape Online Store. Those who want a more small and portable vape we highly recommend the Eleaf iJust 3 with ELLO Duro; those who want a larger cloud you should consider the Eleaf iKonn220 with ELLO.

What Was the Development Tendency of Vape Mod in 2017?

In 2017, we were lucky to see the development of electronic cigarette all over the world, and more and more people began to pay attention to vape. What was the development trend of vape mod in 2017? Now, let's take a look at the development of box mod in 2017.

Last year, there was no great innovation and breakthrough in the performance of the MODs, but many manufacturers focus on the appearance of the products. After all, most of vapes have roughly the same performance and function. Hence, the appearance becomes the vapers' first choice. On the other hand, although the function has not made great innovations, it has been perfected in details, such as faster fire speech and more working modes have been implemented and improved.

Color display has been applied to the screen of the electronic cigarette. Compared with the traditional black & white screen, the color screen enhances the value of the product and improves the user experience, such as Smoant Cylon 218, SX G CLASS, and VT75C.

Touchscreen box mods were also popular in 2017, and a host of manufacturers have launched its touch screen mods, including Kanger Pollex, SMOK G Priv, Smoant TS 218, Towis T180 and many others.

Is the IJOY CAPO 216 SRDA Kit the First Step In Your Transition To RDA?

Yes, to this stage, the demand for e-cigarettes has become increasingly diversified. E-cigarette manufacturers have constantly designed Vape Kits that are more suitable for everyone's needs. IJOY can be said to be a good leader. What I introduced to you today is a CAPO 216 SRDA Kit from IJOY. What kind of new surprise will it bring us?

How is the performance of the CAPO 216 SRDA Kit?

The CAPO 216 SRDA Kit is a Vape Kit that looks very powerful. Its unique design allows it to stand out from many vape species. This time IJOY offers 10 optional colors, and I think you will find your favorite one. The CAPO 216 SRDA Kit consists of the RDA Tank and the CAPO 216 Squonk mod. So let's see how it performs.

The CAPO 216 Squonk mod is powered by two 20700 batteries and supports a maximum output of 216W. So don't worry, it definitely gives you strong power support. The front of the mod has a small but bright display, so you can see the output information and battery status intuitively. This is really convenient. Then, like the previous Box Mod, the CAPO 216 Squonk also has a large area of fire buttons and two adjustment buttons, making it easy to operate. By the way, the feedback of these three buttons is very fast and I like it very much. In order to facilitate the dismantling of the battery, CAPO 216 Squonk mod also brought us a battery lock.

The biggest highlight is that the Box Mod comes with an e-liquid bottle. This bottle has a large capacity, so it will provide more convenience for the use of RDA Tank. CAPO 216 SRDA Kit is equipped with an RDA Tank, so you can enjoy more DIY fun. And this RDA Tank also supports the replacement of more types of decks, allowing you to freely assemble the type you like. With this feature, this will greatly increase the RDA Tank's playability.

If you are a vaper who likes the RDA Vaping experience, I think you should never miss this CAPO 216 SRDA Kit.

IJOY Diamond PD270 Kit Review

In the eyes of the vapers, the vape kit has always been a combination of endurance and utility. With the increasing number of vape products enter into the e-cig market, the level of beauty has gradually become the choice standard for vapers. IJOY launches a new vape kit for "Picky" players, which is the leading role of today's article, named Diamond PD270 Kit. Its appearance inspired by the multi-faceted diamond cutting technology.

Powered by dual 20700 batteries which have longer endurance than the previous 18650 batteries, it can support 234W maximum output power. The battery cover is opened and closed by magnet, and there is no loosening or falling occurs during operation. It has a big size beautiful fire button, coming with diamond cutting surface design that match to the entire look.

With the large OLED screen and easy to understand operating system interface, it is simple to use for beginners. There are many vital data displayed in the screen, including output power, voltage, resistance, and so on. USB port is designed for charging and firmware upgrading. It also supports Ni/Ti/SS temperature control. The Diamond is suitable for large diameter tanks.

The kit included a Captain X3S which is a 25mm diameter sub ohm tank with a 4.2ml e-juice capacity. With top sliding refill design, wide bore 810 drip tip, and 3 different optional pre-made coils (X3-C1 Dual coils, X3-C2, X3-C3 Sextuple coils), the tank can produce cloud vapor and good flavor.

1. The Diamond belongs to both beginners and experienced player. Equipped with the 510 connector, the newcomer can change his favorite atomizer.
2. Now, most players use 18650 batteries, but the 20700 batteries have longer endurance.
3. The operation system of the IJOY Diamond PD270 Kit is easy to understand. It doesn't need too much explanation, so it is a good choice for you.

Well, the above is a stylish vape kit that we introduced today. If you still have any questions about the product, leave us your message.

Can the OSUB 40W KIT Really Fit In Your Pocket?

SMOK brought us a new product. When this product was advertised, it meant that you should throw away your Zippo. It's time to put on the OSUB 40W KIT. So does the OSUB 40W KIT really have such a great magic? Let's take a closer look.

OK, when I first saw the OSUB 40W kit, I was really shocked by its petite shape. The SMOK OSUB 40W measures an unbeatable small 70mm by 35mm by 22mm although it also has a built-in battery included in the device. What's more to say is its stylish appearance. Wherever you take it, you will be the focus. The OSUB 40W mod is powered by a 1350mAh battery and supports a maximum output of 40W. On the front side of the mod comes a screen. You can see the output power of the mod you are using. The interaction is strong.

 And, the powerful chip also supports the MULTIPLE PROTECTIONS feature, ensuring that you use it safely. Next, let's look at the Helmet Mini tank, which comes with the latest TOP-CAP FILLING design. You can open the cap and add e-liquids directly, conveniently and quickly. It also supports the vape coil replacement function so that you get better Vaping enjoyment. It seems that it's time to throw away your Zippo.

What Kind of Exciting Experience Does IJOY Captain X3 Box Mod Bring to You?

Now, vaping has not only stayed on simple vaping, people began to pursue more fresh experiences on vaping. Such as big smoke, and spit smoke ring, etc. If you like this, then I think you will need a high-power Vape Mod. What we are bringing today is a high-power Mod, which is from IJOY. Captain X3.

Captain X3 can be said to be a truly high-power Vape Mod, because it is really strong. The Captain X3 is powered by three 20700 batteries and supports a maximum output of 324W. Maybe you are not surprised at the 324W. Actually this is equivalent to three 100W Vape Mods supplying a Vape Tank at the same time, so it's impossible to imagine the amount of vapor it generates instantly. In addition, if you have a 18650 battery in your hand, it does not matter, because with the battery adapter your 18650 battery can also be used normally. Is it superb? On the front of the Mod comes a fire button and two adjustment buttons we are familiar with, and the button feedback is quick.

In addition Captain X3 also comes with a big size color OLED, allowing you to view the parameter information more intuitive. Best of all, it also allows users to freely customize the display so that you have a better UI experience.

Not only that, it also comes with Firmware Upgradeable and Spring-Loaded Stainless Steel 510 Connection, giving you a powerful vaping experience.

So is this a feature-rich and powerful Vape Mod your choice?

Do You Want To Try the Latest TFV8 X-Baby Tank?

SMOK recently introduced a lot of new products, then the performance of these new products are like? If you are also interested in them, I think you can follow me to find out about them. What is brought today is TFV8 X-Baby Tank. Let's take a look at how it brings me new insights.

How about TFV8 X-Baby?

The TFV8 X-Baby has 4ml of e-liquid storage space, making it much easier to use. One of the newest products in this batch is the newest Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube. This product can not affect the use of the situation, but also can bring you more e-liquid storage space. Yes, that's right. TFV8 X-Baby will be able to use this latest Glass Tube to expand the 6ml e-liquid storage space. Is it super good? In addition, TFV8 X-Baby can not only use the DELRIN DRIP TIP, but also the RESIN DRIP TIP with a more cool appearance.

In addition, TFV8 X-Baby is equipped with a top airflow control system, which may be good news for many vapers, because this design not only allows you to freely control the taste you want, but also greatly reduces the possibility of e-liquid leakage. Of course, it has TOP REFILL DESIGN that we are all familiar with, making it easy to add e-liquid. Another thing that cannot be forgotten is that it supports the use of TFV8 X-BABY BIG FAMILY coils, which means that you get more extreme taste and more unforgettable amount of vapor.

Uh huh, does this new product make you have an impulse to buy? Anyway, I can't wait to buy a try.