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If you're looking for a high performance vape kit, Eleaf TESSERA with ELLO TS may be just the thing you've been searching for. It supports 150W maximum output power, and it also has a 1.45 inch TFT color display and an all-new UI system. Now, let's take a look at how the vape kit performs.

Manufacturing Quality
The manufacturing quality of the entire kit is outstanding, but the first thing anyone is going to notice about the Eleaf TESSERA is TFT color screen. The large and bright 1.45 inch TFT color screen can display all essential information clearly, and the display is clear even under sunshine.

If you're familiar with other Eleaf products, you may be interested to know the UI is completely redesigned for the TFT screen. With the all-new easy-to-go firmware and optional theme colors, it is easier to read and operate. Applied the Real time clock (RTC), you can visit the time and the data in both power-on and power-off states.

Besides the two features I've just mentioned, there are a bunch of other satisfactory features. It is powered by an internal 3400mAh battery and has 150W maximum output power. The USB port is designed for charging and upgrading the firmware. With 2A max charging current, the mod can be fully recharged quickly and efficiently. It provides dual circuit protection for protecting software and hardware. The TESSERA also has temperature protection system.

If you're familiar with ELLO series tanks, the important things worth knowing are that they're well made, they have convenient retractable top fill system, and they can be detached and reassembled. The ELLO TS also has these features.

Flavor Quality
There are two coils included in the package. The pre-installed coil is HW2 Dual-Cylinder, which has a 0.3ohm resistance. The other is HW1 Single-Cylinder, which has a 0.2ohm resistance. This tank also is compatible with other HW coils. If you really want to have a better vaping experience with intense flavor and cloud, the HW1 Single-Cylinder is the one you'll want to try out.

Long story short, TESSERA with ELLO TS is a high performance vape kit, and you can grab one directly from ClouMix Vape Online Store. Those who want a more small and portable vape we highly recommend the Eleaf iJust 3 with ELLO Duro; those who want a larger cloud you should consider the Eleaf iKonn220 with ELLO.

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