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» » » » » Kanger Surf Battery 300mAh In Stock!

Kanger's latest pod kit, Kanger Surf Pod

Kanger launched its latest vape, the Kanger Surf Pod. The device has a 300mAh battery and offers 4 optional flavors. For those who try vaping for the first time, the Surf Pod Kit brings a more convenient experience. We don't need to buy an e-juice to use it. Each cartridge has a 1.2-ohm coil and supports 130puff.

Equipped with no-button design, only inhale directly. Everything is as simple as that. Support for charging via USB interface, connecting to a computer or wall charging is quite convenient.

Buy Surf Battery separately, freer to match

Now, we don't need to buy the Kanger Surf Pod Kit, we can buy the Kanger Surf Pod Battery separately. This means that we are free to pick the Pod Cartridges we want. There are no restrictions, no fixed, we have more collocations. Not only that, but we can save a lot of money. What do you think?

If you like Kanger Surf, you can buy it now at Cloumix online shop. For more discounts, please visit Cloumix.com directly

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