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SMOK recently introduced a lot of new products, then the performance of these new products are like? If you are also interested in them, I think you can follow me to find out about them. What is brought today is TFV8 X-Baby Tank. Let's take a look at how it brings me new insights.

How about TFV8 X-Baby?

The TFV8 X-Baby has 4ml of e-liquid storage space, making it much easier to use. One of the newest products in this batch is the newest Bulb Pyrex Glass Tube. This product can not affect the use of the situation, but also can bring you more e-liquid storage space. Yes, that's right. TFV8 X-Baby will be able to use this latest Glass Tube to expand the 6ml e-liquid storage space. Is it super good? In addition, TFV8 X-Baby can not only use the DELRIN DRIP TIP, but also the RESIN DRIP TIP with a more cool appearance.

In addition, TFV8 X-Baby is equipped with a top airflow control system, which may be good news for many vapers, because this design not only allows you to freely control the taste you want, but also greatly reduces the possibility of e-liquid leakage. Of course, it has TOP REFILL DESIGN that we are all familiar with, making it easy to add e-liquid. Another thing that cannot be forgotten is that it supports the use of TFV8 X-BABY BIG FAMILY coils, which means that you get more extreme taste and more unforgettable amount of vapor.

Uh huh, does this new product make you have an impulse to buy? Anyway, I can't wait to buy a try.

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