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» » » » » » » » What Could We Do If The Atomizer Leaks From The Mouthpiece Or Atomizer Base?

If the liquid is leaking from mouthpiece, it means there is liquid inside vent pipe. In this case, please detach the atomizer firstly and gently swing the atomizer tube to clean the liquid out from the pipe(also you can use the cotton cloth or cotton swab to dry the pipe), then assemble the atomizer and keep pressing the fire button several seconds without inhaling to atomize the residual liquid completely.

Note: Please make sure to refill the liquid into the correct space (not the vent pipe in the center of atomizer tube) and make sure every inhaling is complete (the time of inhaling should not be too short, otherwise the liquid may not be atomized completely) If the liquid is leaking from the atomizer base, please check if the sealing part of atomizer is OK and be sure the liquid level is between 10%-90%. Also you must make sure the atomizer is assembled tightly.

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