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» » » » » » » » » What is RBA/RTA/RDTA/RDA Vaping ? Picture And Text Interpretation

What does RBA/RTA/RDTA/RDA mean?

RBA refers to "rebuild-able atomizers" (RBA), RDA refers to "rebuild-able dripping atomizers", RTA refers to "Rebuild-able Tank Atomizer", and RDTA refers to "Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizers."
As we have seen, in four different nouns, R refers to "rebuildable", A refers to "Atomizer", D refers to "Dripping", and T refers to "Tank ".

What is RBA?

RBA is a generic term for the other three types of Atomizer constructs. All tanks that can rebuild coils are called RBA. This means that with this type of tank, vapers need to make their own coil instead of using pre-built coils.

What is RDA?

The RDA (Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer) is a common vape atomizer structure. The vaper needs to install the coil on the atomizer's deck, and then stores the e-juice on the cotton through dripping. The advantage of RDA is that the taste is very shocking and the vapor is large. Disadvantages: It takes a certain amount of time to manufacture the coil, and e-juice must be added often.

What is RTA?

RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) is similar to the common pre-built coil vape atomizer on the market, but the difference is that while RTA has e-liquid storage capacity, it also supports vapers to create their own coil. It has a separate coil deck that allows the vapers to install the coil, and surround it with a glass tube for e-juice storage. Advantages: Bringing DIY fun while also having e-juice storage. Disadvantages: vaping effect is less impactful than RDA.

What is RDTA?

RDTA (Rebuild-able Dripping Tank Atomizer) is an aggregation of RDA and RTA. It is divided into two parts, the upper is a coil deck, we can install the coil above. The lower layer is a glass tank, used to store the e-liquid. So we can use the RDA structure alone for vaping, and we can also connect the cotton to the glass tank to conduct the e-liquid. Advantages: Both RDA vaping and RTA vaping are possible. Disadvantages: vaping effect is less impactful than RDA

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