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» » » » » New Arrival ! UWELL 2019 Caliburn Portable System Kit 2ml

"THINK SAMPLICITY FOR YOU,THINK SAFETY FOR CHILD"--Uwell. A good portable kit requires not only simple opereation but also safety.And Uwell's lastest Caliburn Portable System Kit fits this philosophy.

Think simplicity 

1.Direct Vape without buttons

When the Caliburn Portable Systerm Kit is unlocked,direct vape through air pressure sensor.

2.Direct vape mechansim fault

If the draw-actived mechansim fails,the systerm will automatically disable the  draw-activated working mode.You still can enjoy your vape by pressing down the fire  button.

3.Top-fill cartridges,easy to use

The cartriages is 2ml and top-fill design.So you only need to remove the drip tip to refill the cartriage.And the top fill design can reduces leakage. 

4.Magnetic connection

Simply plug and strong magnets secure into the battery.

Think safety 

1. Five cliks to lock/unlock,safe for children

This design reduces the probability of children unlocking and increases the safety of protecting children.

2.Multiple protection features

More security protection,so you don't have to worry about sercurity when you enjoy vaping.

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