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» » » » Innokin EQ FLTR Kit gives you long-lost familiar feeling

Do you miss the real feeling in the memory of smoking a real cigar?If you feel the same as me,then I guess Innokin EQ FLTR Kit  will be needed by you.

Innokin has designed a new soft-tip be adopted in EQ FLTR, which gives smokers the familiar feeling of a cigarette filter, and a 
new vapour guide that comes included in the box is designed specifically to focus the flavor which allows for a more intense and rich taste. All of filter are biodegradable and you get up to 5 filters in the box with the vape.  

EQ FLTR Kit comes with two cartridges. The first EQ filter pod is designed for convenience, simply fill up the tank and vape. And the 2nd EQ FLTR RC-POD is designed so that you can keep the pod itself and instead just replace the coil. The packaging includes an extra coil so you don't need to go out.

You may already know it from the picture that EQ FLTR is a super portable kit although it's design very compact. It is installed a 400mAh internal battery that can be recharged via Micro-USB with a full range of trusted safety protections.

Choose the best one which fits your style and rock it with confidence!

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