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» » » » » » » » » » » » 2018 Best Light Luxury Vape Mod | Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C Mod

When we were talking about Lost Vape, the first word that came to mind was luxury. This is a personalized e-cigarette brand. It does not pursue or imitate others, but insists on its own design style. I think this is why it is very popular with everyone. Today is the new product of Lost Vape, Mirage DNA75C Mod.

What is Mirage DNA75C Mod? This is a light luxury vape mod made of aluminum with Resin and wood elements. Here you will have 4 optional colors, including Red Blaze, Green Agate, Rose Wood, Black Blaze, Purple Blaze.

For me, each color has its own personality. But I will prefer Green Agate because it reminds me of Van Gogh's starry night. The Mirage DNA75C Mod brings a different approach than the regular vape mod. Here you will see 4 different buttons, a fire button, an up button, a setting button and a down button. Now, we no longer need the fire button to participate in the tuning work. Everything has become simpler and more natural. What do you think? Do you like it? Of course, it has more secrets waiting for you to discover.

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