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Hey, today I want to share with you some new products, an RDA Starter Kit. Speaking of the RDA Starter Kit, many vapers think of Wismec and Vandy Vape. Both brands are quite successful in the RDA Kit. So will today's Vandy Vape Pulse X 90W Starter Kit bring something new?

The RDA Kit is different from the usual Starter Kit. Because the RDA Atomizer does not have the same large capacity as the Sub-Ohm Tank, the vaper can be cumbersome to use. To solve this problem, almost all RDA Kits are equipped with a built-in E-juice bottle. Then, Pulse X is no exception.

Its e-juice bottle can store 8ml e-juice. It supports us to add e-juice at the bottom or top. So, the Starter Kit has a bright spot, its new atomizer structure. Vandy Vape points the e-juice pipeline in the atomizer to the coil heads more purposefully. This not only makes the e-juice more directly in contact with the cotton but also gives the coil a better air contact area.

Not only that, but you can also choose to have the coil placed horizontally or vertically. Now, everything is up to you. The new display also makes the entire control clearer. Here are all the output modes you want. You will find a new surprise, here are two more settings, ST-30: Sleep time settings, FIR: Locking ignition.

Well, this is something new that I found. Tell me, will you pay for it?

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