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» » » » » » Why is the Kanger Surf the Best Choice for Vape Beginner?

The best choice for Vape Beginner, Kanger Surf Kit

Many of my friends wondered how to choose their first Vape. Yes, the first object at the beginning is always difficult to decide. So what I want to share with you today is a Pod Kit designed for Beginner, especially if someone wants to find an economical tobacco substitute. Ok, it's the Surf Pod Kit from Kanger.

How about Kanger Surf Pod Kit?

This is a vape powered by a 300mAh internal battery. It offers us four optional flavors: Nutty Tobacco, Mint, Classic Tobacco and Grape. With the "Closed System" Cartridge for a more convenient experience, we don't need to purchase an e-juice to use it.

Kanger will offer you a choice of 1.2ml Pre-Fill Pod with a 1.6-ohm coil for a comfortable MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping experience. Each Pod Cartridge supports 130puffs to meet our long-term vaping needs. With it, you can vaping anywhere at any time. Four optional colors: Dark Red, Light Black, Wood Texture, and Lividus Blue.

Surf Kit 300mAh Vape Pod Starter Kit Includes

1 x Kanger Surf Kit 300mAh 1.2ml
1 x QC USB Cable
1 x User Manual

Now, at the Cloumix online shop, we can buy the Surf Pod Kit. For more discounts and promotion vape, please visit Cloumix.com

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