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Mowell Shake AIO Kit

Date sheet

Mowell Shake AIO Kit Date sheet

Main Feature

1. Design with a professional, ergonomic smooth edges to for maximum comfort during use.
2. Light weight with Compacted:
3. G-sensor function, simple and easy, shake once to wake the system.
4. Built-in 400mAh battery, convenient micro USB charging port.
5. Clear battery and vaping status LED indicator.
6. Multiple color option for fit your style:

Packing list:

1 x Mowell Kit
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

How to use Mowell Shake Kit

1. Insert – smoke into the right position indicated by a “click”s. LED will light up if the smoke cartridge is well placed.
2. Shaking Mowell and LED will flash, showing that the system is working.
3. Enjoying the pleasure of your first cigarettes.
Different voltage displayed in
Different colors:
3.3~3.5V Red
3.5~3.7V Blue
> 3.7V Green

How to use Mowell Shake Kit

How to charge

1. Take out USB charging cable.
2. Using computer or charging head of 5V.
3. When charging is finished, the light will change from red into green, Maximum charging electric current:500mA

How to charge Mowell Shake AIO Kit

Safety Instructions:

1. Mowell will turn off automatically after 5 minutes of standby operation.
2. Open circuit and short circuit protection:

When right color flash 10 times according to the current power, then it will automatically switch off the output
3. Low voltage protection:

Voltage will be protected if lower than 3.3V.
Red light will flash 20 times and automatically turn off output.
4. Over charging protection:

At full charging, LED will shine green, and will automatically stop charging.
5. Time limit protection
Continuous smoking for more than 8 seconds to prevent atomization.

When the device overheats, light indicator will flash 5 times in different colors, then it will automatically turn off output.

Product Name: Mowell Shake

Mode: MW-001

Provided by: Shenzhen Mowell Technology Co., Ltd

Website: www.mowellvape.com

Address: 1-102, 51# Huan guan South Rd., Junxin Community, Guanlan Town, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China

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