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IJOY recently launched a new product, WAND KIT. I think if I remember correctly, this should be the first Pen Style Kit of the Ijoy brand. Before this product we knew a lot of Pen Style Kit, different from previous products, IJOY adopted "Wand" instead of "Stick". I think this should be IJOY want to distinguish from other products. Of course, this is also a new beginning.

2600nAh?I know one

What is IJOY Wand Kit? WAND is a stylish and dynamic Starter Kit. In fact, its capabilities are somewhat beyond the scope of the Starter Kit. At 24.5MM diameter, WAND hides a 2600 mAh 30A lithium battery. Of course, this did not surprise everyone, because the same size, SMOK Stick V8 can have 3000mAh battery capacity.

Not as simple as you think

But unlike Stick V8, WAND KIT can achieve a 100W output! This really surprised me. This means that a Pen Style Starter Kit has reached the output capability of the advanced Vape Kit. So this time with the DIAMOND Tank, a cool Vape Tank. It has 24.5MM diameter and 5ml capacity.

A pen style Kit beyond your imagination

As a Pen Style Starter Kit, it still gives us the greatest ease of use. This is an Easy-To-use Kit. When we turn on the power, we just need to press the fire button to vaping. We don't need to do other things or think. How does it work? Its powerful chip can determine the output power based on the resistance of the atomizer coil. So even if we change the Atomizer coil or Vape Atomizer, it still ensures that we get the best results.

But in the test, I found that as a Pen Style Kit, Wand's performance has exceeded our imagination. With such a small body, it can perfectly show the performance of DM-Mesh Coil and DM-DM coil. What has to be commended is that it responds quickly without any delay. I think it will be the next legendary device in the Pen Style Kit. Perfect taste, impressive vapor. I now want to end the article right away and use it. God, it's really too difficult to refuse. Love it!

It is not the most portable, but it is the most powerful. It is not the most beautiful, but it is the most unique! I think there will always be people who can appreciate its beauty. Is that you?

Now you can buy it from Cloumix:

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