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2018 is an extraordinary year for the electronic cigarette industry. Many electronic cigarette manufacturers have introduced their own unique electronic cigarette products. IJOY launched a UI Vape Kit, followed by SMOK also launched its own I-priv Kit. What surprises will the Aspire Puxos Vape Kit bring us?

A highly playable product

What is Aspire Puxos Vape Kit? This is an ultra-flexible product from Aspire. If you are a car-loving friend, then this product is like the Toyota AE86. It's all waiting for you to change, super playability. Of course, I mean not only the portability it brings, but also its strong adaptability. 124mm height, 48mm width, 30mm thickness, this is the size of the Puxos Vape Kit. A battery compartment that can accommodate one battery is hidden under its compact size. This is also a highlight of this machine. This battery compartment can accommodate a single 21700 battery, or 20700 battery. Of course, we can also find a battery shelve in the package, which makes us very good use of 18650 battery. This design is really good.

Aspire Puxos Vape Kit 18650/20700/21700

However, there may be some differences. The 18650 battery can only achieve a maximum output of 80W, while the 21700/20700 battery can reach a maximum output of 100W. Of course, these can all be chosen by us. After all, this is the advantage of this design. If you think I have finished the advantages of this product, then you are wrong. The upgraded version of the Cleito Pro atomizer not only has a better structure, but also shares the Cleito and Cleito Exo tank's coil. This means you can continue to get the vaping effect you want if you are a vaper like Cleito.

Aspire Puxos Vape Kit Cleito pro tank

Magnetic covers bring more options to this machine, Aspire offers up to 14 different styles of battery covers to choose from. what do you think? Of course it also has an OLED display on the side of the device, which will work well with our output adjustments. Aspire has always been an e-cigarette brand that focuses on the taste experience. Even though many products introduce various brilliant LED designs, it always insists that the taste is the most important requirement for e-cigarettes. All, it also has a large number of loyal customers. If you are a taste chaser or want to try vaping friends. Aspire Puxos Vape Kit will not disappoint you.

2018 The best flexible vape Aspire Puxos Vape Kit

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