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Currently, with much attention paid to people’s health, doing sports has much become one of people’s weekly routine. More and more people go to gyms. Companies have noticed this change. Therefore, many sport related products have been created to help people enjoy sports. For example, Apple has designed the apple waist for people to wear so that they could measure their exercise. Those products has won great popularity among customers.

Vape manufacturers also come to realize the necessity of combining doing sports and enjoying vaping. Justfog has launched a new sporty pod mod. As its name indicates, this kit is made for sport lovers.

what is Justfog C601 Kit? Justfog C601 has a tiny body. But never overlook this small stuff, it tries to include a 650mAh internal battery inside its body. Therefore, you take it out since this compact size won’t take much space and the battery makes it last for quite a long time. You do not even need to worry about running of electricity.

Another spotlight of this vape kit is its design. You must have noticed that the Justfog C601 utilizes a pull-tab. Well, from my experience with this cute guy, this pull-tab is of great use. First, it can prevent your your vape mouth from being dusted. You only need to put it straight. The pull-tab can serves as a cover to protect the mouth. Second, it is with this small change that the Justfog can be used when you are doing sports. Just use a string and you can wear this vape while you are exercising. Isn’t it such a convenient device.

Justfog C610 Kit has become new love now! If you are both fond of sports and vaping, why not give it a try? I am sure you will falling in love with it just like me.

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