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In the e-cigarette industry in 2018, there were many products that shocked us. We also saw the first AI electronic cigarette in the electronic cigarette industry at the Shenzhen Electronic Cigarette Fair in 2018. Sometimes I wonder if this is a function that is progressive or not. I think we may all lose the original intention of e-cigarettes. So I'm eager to introduce a product that can awaken the original intention of vaping, Vandy Vape Triple II RTA

What is Vandy Vape Triple II RTA? This is an RDA Atomizer from Vandy Vape. On this device we can see a desk that can accommodate three coils. Yes, you can use three coil at the same time. If your high power mod has been eager for an RBA device, then Triple II RTA is the one you are looking for. In RTA structure, we not only obtained the same large capacity as the common Atomizer, but we can also build our own coil. Now, you can control the resistance of the coil you want according to your needs. As long as your vape mod can provide enough energy, as long as your body can withstand, the Vandy Vape Triple II RTA will give you the desired vaping effect. Do you dare to try?

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