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Recently,Vaporesso launched a light,solid,durable GEN 220W TC Kit. GEN Kit consists of GEN 220W MOD and SKRR-S 8ml Tank.

AXON CHIP Giving Extra Throughout

GEN Kit is equipped with the smart AXON chipest. AXON chip make the GEN Kit more powerful,smart and easy to operate.

There are 4 modes for your option.

  1. Puls Mode:  continuously allows you a hit throughout your puff(every 0.02s)-not just from the initial fire-giving you more powerful,flavorful clouds with every puff.
  2. Smart TC:  it will automatically recognize if you have attached a TC coil,giving you the optimum settings for the best flavor possible. 
  3. ECO mode:  when you turned on the ECO mode,it will optimize your devices setting to give you that extra vaping time you need.
  4. DIY mode:  you can still get all the DIY features that you can get on the latest OMNI Board. 

SKRR S Tank - No Mess. No Spit-back. Just Clouds.

Vaporesso GEN Kit adopted SKRR S Tank. This tank uses the QF air distribution system,which provides exquiste flavor and warmth by keeping cold drafts out. Also,SKSS S Tank have a new breakthough technologh that it eliminates spit back. Besides, to prevent leakage,SKSS S Tank was redesigned the base of the tank.
SKRR S Tank coms with the Vaporesso QF Mesh Coil, which including QF Mesh Coil and updated QF Strip Coil.

Thank you very much for your watch. If you want to learn more,please click Vaporesso GEN 220W TC Kit

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