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» » » » » » » » » » » » IJOY Captain Elite RTA Preview -- Is Really An Elite?

For vapers, they do not only want the best vape mod. Meanwhile, they are always in seek of the best atomizer that is compatible with their mod so that they can really enjoy the top vaping experience. More and more people prefer to choose the RTA as it saves them the trouble of building coil. They can enjoy a huge vapor with the RTA. Today, we are going to introduce an RTA from IJOY called Captain Elite RTA.

The IJOY Captain Elite RTA, as you can judge from its name, is an elite among atomizers. Does it really as it sound? Let's have a look.

Unlike other atomizers adopting the side airflow inlets, this one uses the bottom airflow inlets so that you can enjoy huge vapor. The Captain Elite RTA has innovate the a new way 0f single coil RTA, making it possible for a single coil to produce as much as vapor you would expect. In addition, you can replace the O-ring made for the side filling of oil so as to avoid the leaking of oil. Apart from its versatile functions, it is also compact in size so you need not worry that the size of your atomizer would add great weight to your mod. What's more, the gold-plated deck makes it durable and fashionable. There are 8 finishes for you to choose. You can choose on according to your preferences and needs.

If you want to enjoy large vapor and in the same time do not want to build coils by yourself, this wonderful RTA is your best choice. How do you think of it?

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