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» » » » » » » » Aspire Gusto Mini All-in-one Starter Kit User’s Guide


  • Press the fire button 5 times rapidly to power the Gusto Mini On or Off, the indicator light will then flash both green and red 3 times to indicate on or off.
  • Continuous fire time is 10 seconds; after 10 seconds of firing the indicator light will flash green or red 10 times to Indicate Shut Off. Notice the LED color; it also indicates current Charge Level. (Green = Charged / Red = Battery Low)
  • When the charge level is above 3.5V the indicator light will be green, if charge level drops below 3.5V, the light will be red.
  • When Red light flashes during use, it’s time to recharge.

Charging Gusto Mini
  • Charging is via Micro-USB charging port. Maximum charging current can reach up to 900mA.
  • Connect the Gusto Mini to your charger (USB cable included), the indicator light will flash green and red 3 times, then turn red to indicate charging. When the charge reaches 4.2V the light will turn green to show it’s fully charged.
Liquid POD Activation and Installation
1. To Activate POD, grab the two silicon tabs and gently pull down away from the
POD until the the two tabs snap off-the tank is now activated.
2. Take the POD and flick once or twice in a downward motion to speed up the
saturation to the atomizer. Once the bottom chamber is filled with liquid, let set for 2 minutes before use.

Installing POD to Device:
1. To access the POD chamber, slide the cover off of the device.
2. Gently slide the POD into the capture points, making sure the atomizer is on the bottom. Push in until the POD is securely in place. Slide the aluminum cover back on and the Gusto Mini is ready to use.
3. After installation, and the device is ready to use, fire the device with a few quick puffs to make sure the atomizer has been saturated with liquid. Once you get a taste of the liquid vapor,continue to use as normal, enjoying the full flavor of the Gusto Mini—Enjoy!

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