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» » » » » » » How To Use Aspire SkyStar Revvo Kit Correctly

Top fill instructions 
Filling this tank is super easy and convenient, the filling hole is inside the tank, which can be reached by using a gorilla bottle or just as simply by a glass dropper. 
1. Locate your filling bottle/dropper onto the spring loaded filling tube and press it down (only minimal pressure is required). 
2. Squeeze the filling bottle/dropper to fill the tank.

1. After filling, release pressure on the filling tube to allow it to seal, then release pressure on bottle before removing completely, this will draw off any excess e-liquid and avoid spillage directly onto the coil. 
2. Due to the special design of the tank, after the first filling and when replacing the coil, you should turn the tank upside down for 2 minutes to help saturate the coil with e-liquid.

Coil installation 
1. Unscrew and remove the top chamber. 
2. Unscrew and remove the mounting screw. 
3. Remove the used ARC coil by lifting over the filling tube. 
4. Place a new coil over the filling tube; make sure the coil edge is lined up with the tank, and sits securely. 
5. Screw the mounting screw back onto the base hardware. 
6. Replace the top chamber.

Replacing glass 
1. Unscrew and remove the glass securing ring from the base hardware. 
2. Pull and remove the used glass tube. 
3. Insert a new glass tube. 
4. Screw the glass securing ring back onto the base hardware firmly, but do not over-tighten. 

Protective cap 
1. It is recommended to close the airflow slots and to use the provided protective cap when travelling or when the tank is not in use to avoid leakage and prevent dust and dirt from entering the top chamber. 
2. It is also advisable to use the protective cap when carrying onto a plane as the cabin pressure can adversely affect the pressure inside the tank.  

  • Do not press the fire button without the top cap in place to avoid potential spitting and hot e-liquid hitting your skin. 
  • Do not press the fire button when not vaping, this may cause excess unvaporized e-liquid to build up inside top chamber which could be unpleasant. 
  • While vaping, periodically invert the tank to ensure that the coil doesn’t dry out, running the risk of burning the coil.
Fire button functions 
1. Click the fire button 5 times quickly to lock or unlock the mod, when the mod is locked the screen will display “Locked Click 5X”. 
2. Pressing the fire button for 2 seconds in locked mode will turn the system off, to turn it back on, press the fire button 5 times rapidly. 
3. Clicking the fire button 3 times rapidly will turn the mod into stealth mode, while in stealth mode the screen will remain off, but the fire button still works. 
4. Pressing fire button under different modes will confirm your settings.

Touch Screen instructions   
While the mod is on, swipe down the screen twice will take the mod into its menu interface, where you can adjust the settings to your liking.

1. Touch MODES to allow you to select the output modes from Wattage/Voltage/BYPASS/TC and CPS (Customizable Power Settings). When the mod is in Wattage/Voltage/TC(Ni/Ti/SS /M1/M2/M3)/CPS modes, swipe up the screen twice to allow adjustment of the values, in TC mode you can also lock/ unlock the resistance by touching the lock symbol. Swipe right will return to the previous page. Press the fire button to confirm the settings, once confirmed you will return to the working interface.

While the resistance is unlocked, in TC mode attaching a new atomizer the mod will read “New Atomizer?” followed by “YES+/NO-” Select “YES+” and the mod will read the original coil resistance. Select “NO-” and the mod will keep its previous coil resistance settings. (Note: To ensure accuracy, when first installing a new atomizer make sure the screen is lit   and the coil attached is at room temperature before attaching it to the mod.) 

To change temperature to Fahrenheit(F) or to Celsius(C), touch the “+”or “-” button all the way to pass the temperature range, the temperature will switch over to either Celsius or Fahrenheit automatically. 

2. DATA setting on the SkyStar mod is a shortcut to adjust the Wattage preheat (Wattage ramp up)/TCR and CPS settings. Wattage preheat lasts for 1 second, it has three levels: HARD/NOR/SOFT.   

Selecting TCR allows you to customize the TCR values and power settings under M1, M2, M3 while in Ti, Ni, Ss only the power value can be adjusted. Swipe right, will return to the previous page, touch the “+” or “-” symbol to change the values, press the fire button to confirm your settings. (Power range (5-210W) TCR value is from 0.2‰ to 9.99‰.)   

Selecting CPS(C1,C2,C3) will allow you to fine-tune your heat ramp-up in the first 9.5 seconds. Touch the arrow symbol to select time from 0 to 9.5 seconds, touch “+” or “-” symbol to change the wattage. Press fire button to confirm.

3. Touch SYSTEM to adjust the Vape time (5-15s), Screen time (5-120s), Watch time (5 seconds-30 Minutes), screen brightness, and language, you can also return to the default settings.

4.Touch TIME to allow you to adjust the time according to your region, the time can be displayed in the form of digital or analogue clock. Touch “YYYY-MM-DD” to adjust the date format. Touch the time area to select date/month/year/hour/ minute/second. Touching “+” or “-” to change the number, Press fire button to confirm.

5. When the time display is activated (Select digital/analogue to activate, select OFF to turn off the time display), tapping the screen three times quickly will turn the mod into time display, to turn it back to the working interface, tap the screen three times again. 

6. Touch ABOUT to check details of product name and firmware version, scanning the Q&R code will take you to Aspire’s official webpage, where you can check more details about the device you purchased. 

Battery installation 
1. Lift off the magnetic battery cover on the rear of the mod using the thumb nail slot to open the battery cover. 

2. Insert two 18650 batteries into the battery compartment, be aware of the orientation of the positive and negative   connections. 
Note: ensure that the fabric battery tab is underneath both batteries to assist with easy removal. 

3. Place the battery cover back onto the mod. 
1. Charging the mod via Micro-USB charging port, the charging current can reach up to 2A. 
2. Connecting the mod to the charger, the screen will display 2 growing battery icons, it also shows the battery percentage, charge time and charge current. 
3. Once the battery level reaches 4.2V or when it’s fully charged, the mod will stop charging the screen will shut off.
4. The mod will not charge when the batteries are incorrectly installed or when there’s only one battery installed. 
5. The batteries cannot be replaced while charging, please unplug the charging cable before changing the batteries. 
6. Check charger alert: When the mod detects the USB charge voltage is above 5.3V or is less than 4.3V, it will stop charging and the screen will display “CHECK CHARGER”. 
7. To accomplish 2A charge current, the adaptor output should be 5V/2A.

Firmware update 
  • Download the driver software and firmware file from Aspire website: http://www.aspirecig.com/upgrade/
  • Connect the SkyStar to your PC. The driver will detect your mod automatically. 
  • Click “OpenFile” to choose the correct firmware file. 
  • Click “Update” to upgrade your mod. 
  • If it failed during the update process please repeat step 3 to step 4. 
  • Please use high quality, high drain batteries from a reputable battery company. Ensure they are matched in terms of voltage, mAh and total amps. 
  • We recommend using only the supplied USB cable to charge or update the firmware of your mod. 

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