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The vape industry never stops exploring each niche market left just as the smart phone industry. Where there is a need, where is a market. For smart phones, in fact, they are not so intelligent in the past. All they can do is to text massage and reply calls. However, as people's become more demanding, smart phones with thousands of functions and apps that can facilitate you in your life and work come into being. So does vapes.

Vapers find it has became more and more inconvenient to take out your phone to check the time especially when you are trying to fight to get a bit of space on the bus or subway. They are considering to integrate a clock into the e-cigarettes so that they can check the real time without worrying about when they take out their phone, it may drop or be stolen.

iStick Kiya with GS Juni Kit
It seems that the vape manufacturers has catch this trend. Many newly-launched vapes add this real time clock function: Eleaf iStick Kiya with GS Juni kit and Wismec SINUOUS RAVAGE230 kit. However, the two have some differences even with the same function. Eleaf iStick Kiya kit can present the time in two ways: in the digital clock and the dial clock. What's the difference? If your vape tells the time in digital clock, you can read the time very easily and accurately. While the dial clock is very pleasant to look. As for the Wismec SINUOUS RAVAGE230 kit, the original vape does not have this function. You should upgrade it so that you can use the real-time clock.
Sinuous Ravage230 kit
In a word, there will be more and more vapes with this real-time clock functions.

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